Crystals of Hope
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Paume de Saint-Germain Publishing 
44 pages
Colour photos
15,5 cm x 19 cm
(6.25 in x 7.5 in)
110 g
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Release date: March 2021

Crystals of Hope

Crystals of Hope is intended for children aged five to twelve who face their illness and suffering with such great courage and still manage to hold onto
their loving hearts, innocent eyes and warm smiles.

This project sprang from a desire to help children suffering from cancer during their treatment and throughout their illness.

In company with their friend Fluo, they are invited to join him in discovering the stones and crystals that can comfort them and help them tap into their
inner joy. They can even become their companions, friends that can help them through painful times.

This book is also intended for all children who are fascinated by crystals and stones.

• Crystals and stones for children suffering from cancer
• Written by a retired professional in hospital pediatrics
• Many beneficial effects have been noted not only at the physical level but also the mental, psychological and spiritual levels