Potton Springs: Decoding the Myth
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Potton Springs: Decoding the Myth

History – Archaeology - Esoterism

In 1828, three strong-smelling sulphur springs were discovered at the foot of a cliff.

In 1863, the Freemasons, spiritual descendants of the Knights Templar, visited this site and carved their emblem and diverse other symbols there.

In 1875 they erected a building, Potton Springs Hotel, that would become a famed tourist destination for over a century, known for its sulphur water as far as Europe.

With his characteristic passionate enthusiasm, Gérard Leduc invites us to explore the many historical facets of this enchanting site. Donning his various hats— explorer, scientist, historian and story-teller—he takes us beyond time, tempting us to discover the mysteries that have shaped Potton Springs and made it a sacred site to be preserved today.