Spiritual Poems of the Soul
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Orange Publications
100 pages 
Black and white photos
6 x 9 in
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Relase date : December 2022

Spiritual Poems of the Soul

Spiritual poetry is a rare art form of creative literary expression. Simhananda diversified his writings over the years, but poetry has always been close to his inner Heart. These 44 musically rhythmic spiritual poems will touch your heart, mind and soul.

  • Poems to motivate the mind and soul to express higher aspirations and goals.
  • Inspirational poems to meditate and integrate.
  • Return to your spiritual roots through Simhananda’s poetry.

Peruse this small volume of spiritual poetry somewhat reminiscent of writings of Blake, Whitman and Gibran; but also in its own rights quite unique, original, and simply mysteriously passionate.

"I merge with the golden waters of the Lake,
and become the blue Swan that swims
upon the mirror of its silent soul.”

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