The Eight Crystal Alliances
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The Eight Crystal Alliances

The Influence of Stones on the Personality

Despite the diversity of theories of human psychology, the majority shares a view of the personality as a collection of traits, ways of thinking and acting, that allow the observer to define, recognize, and understand people and their motivations. The Eight Crystal Alliances takes a more inclusive, holistic approach toward a personality typology that incorporates the physical body, the thoughts, the emotions, and the soul.

The book is based on the study and application of eight magnetic groups of “geometric alliances,” eight types of human personality classified along energetic principles linking human nature with “mineral nature.” These types, according to the authors, range from Cubic (rational and organized) to Rhombic (sympathetic, empathetic, and serving others) to Buddhic (here-now, spontaneous, creative, non-conventional, freedom-loving, rebellious, but level-headed). Uncovering the hidden relationship between the human and mineral kingdoms, the book addresses the deep vibrational energies contained within stones that can influence our etheric bodies and, consequently, the other bodies we are made of mental, emotional, and physical. With detailed lists of stone qualities and case histories, the book shows readers how to use the power of these everyday objects in their personal lives and careers as part of their journey of spirit.
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