Scriptings of the Soul In Questions of Light
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Scriptings of the Soul In Questions of Light

Simhananda’s Little Book of Self-Inquiry In 308 Contemplative Beads

Twenty-Eight Sets of Eleven Contemplative Beads of Divine Inquiry, bringing into play the recurrent use of the word ‘Light’.

”Scriptings of the Soul In Questions of Light” is for the seeker and the disciple alike. “Scriptings” is both a contemplative mode of self-inquiry and a mantra-like medium of thought for the meditative mind. Would that the Light of the Soul indirectly invoked within these brief indagative queries awaken in the reader the dispassion, discrimination and dhyanic discipline needed for a life of conscious work and enlightened service to the all of humanity.

‘Does the Light’s gentle power flow dynamically but softly from your footsteps?' -Simhananda

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In these troubled times, Simhananda's book comes at the right time to help us attach less value to the ephemeral material reality and reorient ourselves towards the Spirit, the essential of life, our inner being.
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Simhananda’s latest book shows us how to consciously activate our own Inner Light, which inevitably helps us connect with the Light of the Soul. The book’s format is quite simple: 308 original questions each one using the word LIGHT, yet the introspection they bring upon the reader is quite authentic, profound and mysteriously peaceful.
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