Towards a Transformative Photography
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Orange Palm Publications
384 pages
328 color photos
26 x 24.8 x 2.7 cm
(10 1/4 x 9 3/4 x 1 in)
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Towards a Transformative Photography

In today’s tumultuous age photography has become a pervasive pursuit. Everywhere you look everyone seems to have a camera and everyone seems to be taking passionate photos on favourite themes, selected subjects and preferred people, who personally spark their wide-eyed interest. As with anything in life, the importance is not in the accomplishment of what photography can do (for you), but rather in the love which you bring to the art of photography. The transformative photographer must approach his subject with a comprehensive, evolutionary, detached but warm love, coupled with humour and an ability to leave things unaltered and fundamentally free.

Book reviews

Awesome beauty, striking images sending you on a voyage through nature. Much illustrated by a photographer who certainly is no beginner, he knows to how to bring us back the essential… Moments of reflections and communication with nature throughout the world.
Suzanne Ferland, CTB-TV
The transformative photographer demonstrates the very idea that ‘ordinariness’, is really nothing short of ‘extraordinary’.
Apogee Photo Magazine
Transformative photography embarks the viewer upon a symbolic journey, and picture by picture, step by step, invites the beholder, despite himself, to reflect more deeply and maybe, just maybe, commit himself to nurturing a more wholesome attitude.

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