Touch To This Earth Where Meanders Mankind
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Orange Palm Publications 
372 pages
448 colour photographs 
28 x 33 x 2.5 cm
(11 x 13 x 1 in) 
2.5 kg
(5 lb 8 oz)

Touch To This Earth Where Meanders Mankind

Consciously claim your natural heritage which is your life through these photographs and sensitize yourself to this wonderful world and wondrous planet. This stunning new photography book presents extraordinary nature scenes, people and places from around the planet. It is an invitation to look beyond the obvious and to connect us with our true nature. All transformational photographs come with reflective sayings that challenge the readers to enjoy the potential to experience multiple levels of awareness. It is a wonderful homage to our beautiful and unique planet Earth.

A monetary portion from the author's profit of each book sold will go to the universal cause of world peace and harmony, and inclusively, to the cause of all people who suffer from injustice and political or religious oppression anywhere upon this mother planet of ours.

Book reviews

Intriguing. There are some interesting aspects to this book. I appreciate the diversity of the subject matter. Turning the pages I feel like I am traveling to adventurous place all over the planet. …a very creative concept… stunning pictures...
Benjamin Franklin Awards Judge

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